In November 2018 we opened as a 7 barrel brewery located in Dubuque, IA and we love beer.  Enough to go stand in long lines for special releases.  Enough to plan and take “beercations” that are all about maximizing the number of brewery stops. Enough that we decided to brew for you.


Whether it’s a crisp and clean pilsner, a tart and fruity sour, or a big chewy stout, we want to maximize flavor.


Of our mainstays will always be in rotation, but there will always be something new as well.  We have a special passion for hazy ipas, juicy sours, and chewy stouts.  You can count on something new always being available as we experiment with different, hops, yeast strains, grains and adjuncts.


We love beer, but we also love what we do which translates into a fun, positive atmosphere.  Come on in and meet the crew, share in the conversation and have some great beer.